Symposium at FACT – with participants including Cécile B Evans, Lambros Malafouris, Anna Munster, Holly Pester, Alex McClean, Hannah Proctor, Stephen Fortune, Chris Boyd and Imogen Stidworthy. Workshops in collaboration with Mencap introducing a variety of creative technologies including animation apps, vocal effects and sonic play.

Co-produced with Nathan Jones.
Further details:

Torque #1 Publication with contributions from symposium participants and additional contributors including Benedict Drew, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Geoff Cox and Esther Leslie. Co-published with Link Editions – free download or print edition available. Book designed by Charles Holden.

Live Performance event at Richmix with new work by Oliver Coates, Holly Pester, Karl Heinz Jeron, The Nodes, Alex McLean and Kate Sicchio.

Supported by Arts Council England, FACT and Mencap.