Most of my publishing work has been as an editor, producing three edited collections with Torque, most recently Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain, and co-editing the New Materialism Almanac.

Other projects relatively hot off the press include an online newspaper commissioned by Leeds Digital Festival and The British Library entitled 'Crash Blossoms / If and Only If' which I designed and wrote a short text on headlinese and the mutation of news for. And co-design, with Mark Simmonds, of David Gauthier's book 'List Server Busy' for Transmediale 2020, which has an accompanying online index here.

Below are links to three other previous publishing projects.

Essay on 'Community' in Philosophy Today, special issue: New Concepts for Materialism. Volume 63, Issue 4, Fall 2019. Editors: Iris van der Tuin & A. J. Nocek. Co-authored with mirko nikolić.
Access here.
This text emerged from a workshop mirko and I delivered during the New Materialism Training School at Tate Modern in 2016.
By focusing on key terms, the texts in this special issue posses a lively modularity, which catalyses them to talk to each other in fascinating ways. Essays include: Hedwig Fraunhofer on 'Bíos/Zōḗ', Felicity Colman on 'Modality', and Rosi Braidotti on 'Transversal Posthumanities'. There is also a discussion of the New Materialism Almanac ( I co-edited) and other lexographic philosophical projects in Monika Rogowska-Stangret's essay 'Think We Must! (Otherwise)'.

I was a research assistant on War Primer 2, by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin – a limited edition artist’s photo book, published by Mack, reworking Bertolt Brecht’s original 1955 ‘Kreigsfibel’ publication.

I undertook image and text research online and at the Brecht-Archiv, Berlin and wrote an essay entitled Split/Subject – Notes on War Primer 2 included in the ebook edition, published by Mapp Editions. The book won the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize in 2013. Download ebook and essay.

APRJA (A Peer-Reviewed Journal About) 
Machine Research, 6.1 (2017) 

Essay: Absorbing Text: Rereading Speed Reading (co-written with Nathan Jones) here

Born out of research on speed reading via a blog, workshop, newspaper, and development of a speed reading machine with Tom Schofield and Nathan Jones.

Research elements included:

Workshop at Constant, Brussels - 25th floor of the World Trade Centre, (The Atomium glinting in the distance).
Rousing talk by Antoinette Rouvroy (Université Namur): Algorithmic governmentality: the ‘art’ of not changing the world.
Blog and short papers here.
Newspaper published and talks @ ever elusive, Transmediale, 2017.

From the editorial by Christian Ulrik Andersen & Geoff Cox:
This publication is about Machine Research – research on machines, research with machines, and research as a machine. It thus explores machinic perspectives to suggest a situation where the humanities are put into a critical perspective by machine driven ecologies, ontologies and epistemologies of thinking and acting. It aims to engage research and artistic practice that takes into account the new materialist conditions implied by nonhuman techno-ecologies. These include new ontologies and intelligence such as machine learning, machine reading and listening (Geoff Cox, Sam Skinner & Nathan Jones, Brian House), systems-oriented perspectives to broadcast communication and conflict (John Hill, Dave Young), the ethics and aesthetics of autonomous systems (Maya Indira Ganesh, Maja Bak Herrie), and other post-anthropocentric reconsiderations of materiality and infrastructure (Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Etherbox interview).

The publication was launched at: Machine Research – Interfaces, @ transmediale, 04.02.2017. Recordings of talks available here

Organised by and thanks to: Aarhus University / Participatory IT research centre (Geoff Cox, Søren Pold, & Christian Ulrik Andersen; transmediale (Kristoffer Gansing & Daphne Dragona); Constant (An Mertens, Michael Murtaugh & Femke Snelting); & fellow machine researchers.